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5 Travel Insurance Mistakes that South Africans make

One of the most responsible things any traveller intending on foreign destinations can do is to ensure they have travel insurance in place before departing. However, not knowing the ins and outs of a policy, or disregarding the necessity of cover can mean costly mistakes. Here are 5 simple mistakes South African travellers make with […]

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Why you should not rely on your credit card or medical aid’s travel insurance

Buying travel insurance for South Africans is a relatively new concept. Since purchasing flights is expensive most people buy their airline tickets using their credit card and benefit from the credit card providers’ built in medical cover or they utilize their medical aid to cover them when they are overseas. What most people don’t realise […]

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Real travel insurance claims made by South Africans

When travelling overseas it is recommended to purchase a travel insurance policy to ensure you are covered if you are involved in a medical emergency. Many of my customers want the cheapest policy and I don’t blame them, it is expensive enough having to pay for expensive flights, visas, hotels and the South African Rand […]

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Advice for foreigners driving on South African roads

Adventure and natural beauty are two words synonymous with a holiday trip to South Africa. Road trips offer the ultimate intimate experience of the undiluted majestic beauty of diverse landscapes that is South Africa. Foreign visitors will be pleasantly surprised to find a well-maintained national road infrastructure. This together with the wide availability of geo […]

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Hot Spots Around the World – Where you might expect trouble

Today’s modern traveller has access to almost any spot on the planet, and there are already plans in place for the future of travel to include space travel. Travel destinations have become all the more exciting. But the world we live in has grown dangerous too, with travel advisories in place for some countries around […]

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Hospital Costs Worldwide and Why Travel Insurance is Essential

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Nobody plans on getting sick or injured while on holiday abroad. These are unplanned for situations, and the only way travellers can plan for these travel frustrations is with a travel insurance policy with emergency medical cover that includes evacuation and repatriation. Many tourists who have found themselves at the mercy of medical facilities abroad […]


Group travel insurance benefits

Travelling abroad in a group offer holidaymakers many advantages, the most valuable of all is the purchasing power of a large group of people travelling together. The buying power of a group of holidaymakers means savings in money when booking flight tickets, hotel accommodation, tours as well as travel insurance policies. Group travel insurance policies […]