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Tips for keeping travel costs down

For South Africans travel, especially international travel, has earned the notorious reputation of being too heavy on the purse or wallet and out of reach of many. The rewards of travel, though, are too good to miss and finding ways to keep travel costs down are worth their weight in gold.

10 strange travel insurance claims

Strange travel insurance claims arising from encounters with local wildlife to unobliging weather conditions have raised the eye brows of travel insurance providers. Not all unfortunate victims of travel disasters were experimental-friendly. Some weird medical-related claims as in the case of one holidaymaker happened while she was sitting under a tree.


Tips for a Safe December Holiday

The December holiday season is primarily a festive one with many South African families choosing to go away on holiday trips locally or abroad. Summer holidays are synonymous with happy memorable experiences spent with loved ones, but in South Africa, it is also a time in which crime levels soar. Best laid holiday plans should […]


Travel Insurance for Business

It is not only holiday and leisure travel that involves elements of risk. Business travel insurance solutions with many sought after benefits have been created to help minimize the risks and costs associated with business travel. As you would with any insurance policy, it is critically important to pay attention to exclusions set out in […]

American charged R578,000 for an Appendectomy operation

We have all heard how expensive medical care is around the world and the importance of having travel insurance to offset an expensive bill if something did go wrong whilst travelling abroad. One story which highlights just how expensive medicals bills can be is that of a 20 year old American who had appendicitis – […]


Senior citizen travel insurance

Senior citizen travellers can take ample comfort in the tailor made protective travel insurance cover whilst on holiday abroad. Whether you are making a special visit to see family, or having chosen to travel later in life to a long awaited dream of visiting an exotic country; taking out senior citizen travel insurance is worthwhile.

Backpacker insurance

Backpacker insurance is a specialist type of travel insurance aimed at providing adequate protective cover for the overseas travel adventures of backpackers and students. The tailor made cover as indicated in the Schedule in the backpacker insurance policy will take into consideration age, the duration of your travels and the type of travel undertaken.