schengen travel insurance

For South African passport holders wanting to visit or those travelling on business, or tourists wanting to include certain countries in Europe (that are part of the Schengen agreement whilst travelling abroad) are required to first obtain a Schengen visa.

Travel insurance for the Schengen visa is a compulsory requirement which must be submitted with the visa application or else no visa is granted. This vital travel insurance product can be purchased from Easy Travel Insurance, a specialist provider of travel insurance policies.

The Schengen visa, which is granted in the form of a sticker, allows the visa holder general free mobility inside the Schengen region which comprises of 26 European countries for a maximum of 90 days per 180 days of the year.

schengen_countries_26The list of countries as part of the Schengen states include: Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland.

One of the requirements when applying for the Schengen visa is for travellers to have Schengen visa insurance as part of the adequate travel insurance compliance requirement.

Why is travel insurance for the Schengen visa necessary?

Uncertainty is the nature of travel in modern times which has necessitated the need for travel insurance to protect business or visitors travelling to foreign countries from financial risk from especially expensive medical emergencies and treatment.

Governments of European countries no longer foot the medical bills of visitors and travellers are now required to furnish proof that they are covered should a medical emergency arise. This cover should include a whole range of related emergency assistance such as medical evacuation and repatriation benefits in the Schedule.

Having suitable travel insurance for European travel is made compulsory by European law (since June 2004) that dictates it a requirement when applying for a Schengen visa. The travel insurance covers any eventuality in connection with repatriation for medical reasons, urgent medical attention or emergency hospital treatment.

For many South African passport holders, the Schengen visa application process is an arduous one. Having all the correct documents in place and requirements met, such as obtaining travel insurance for Europe, lessens the possibility of a visa being refused. Travel to Europe is a costly affair, do not put your health or travel plans on the line by ignoring travel insurance for Europe.

What are the requirements for Schengen visa insurance?

The travel insurance for the Schengen visa should include:

[icon icon=”asterisk” color=”theme”] adequate medical evacuation or repatriation coverage which means getting you or your body home if you are ill, injured or die whilst travelling to the Rand equivalent of Euro 30 000.
[icon icon=”asterisk” color=”theme”] your travel insurance company needs to have a representative office in Europe.
[icon icon=”asterisk” color=”theme”] travel insurance for Schengen visa must be valid for length of stay in the Schengen territory.

Benefits of travel insurance for Schengen visa

France visa insuranceThe Budget insurance cover with Easy Travel Insurance provides an adequate level of medical cover that meets the Schengen visa insurance requirements. Take advantage of the new benefit provided for travel insurance for Europe: Cancellation due to travel visa being declined up to R20 000.

Easy Travel Insurance provides cover for travellers up to the age of 69 years. Key benefits of our Budget travel insurance cover include:

[icon icon=”asterisk” color=”theme”] R25 000 000 in emergency medical assistance
[icon icon=”asterisk” color=”theme”] R200 000 for pre-existing conditions
[icon icon=”asterisk” color=”theme”] R100 000 for personal accident cover
[icon icon=”asterisk” color=”theme”] R2 000 000 for personal liability cover
[icon icon=”asterisk” color=”theme”] R15 000 for travel supplier insolvency cover
[icon icon=”asterisk” color=”theme”] Cancellation due to travel visa being declined up to R20 000
[icon icon=”asterisk” color=”theme”] Compensation for missed connections and flight cancellations
[icon icon=”asterisk” color=”theme”] Covered for luggage delays
[icon icon=”asterisk” color=”theme”] Access to a 24 hour helpline

Compared to the high cost of medical treatment in Europe, the premium for travel insurance with medical coverage is far lower and will guarantee that you receive proper medical treatment when you need it most. Travel insurance required for the Schengen visa insurance provides cover for other risks associated with travel apart from medical ones. Such emergencies can include you needing legal help, assistance with lost travel documentation such as your passport, and emergency cash if your purse or wallet has been stolen, loss of possessions; and cancelled trips due to political uncertainty or civil unrest.

A critical factor that concerns medical cover are pre-existing conditions which are not covered for in standard travel insurance policies (even with medical cover). Any traveller with pre-existing medical conditions needs to take out the specialist pre-existing medical condition travel insurance policy. A number of pre-existing medical conditions are covered by this policy. Visit our travel insurance with medical conditions section for more information.

Your insurance provider will usually give you handy documents that you should take with you when you travel. This will include a document showing proof of coverage, a policy outlining the terms and conditions of your coverage, and additional materials showing emergency assistance contact information and claims requirements or procedures.

Don’t put your Schengen visa application at risk or travel plans to Europe in jeopardy. Contact Easy Travel Insurance, today.