travel insurance claims
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Real travel insurance claims made by South Africans

When travelling overseas it is recommended to purchase a travel insurance policy to ensure you are covered if you are involved in a medical emergency. Many of my customers want the cheapest policy and I don't blame them, it is expensive enough…
political unrest
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Hot Spots Around the World – Where you might expect trouble

Today’s modern traveller has access to almost any spot on the planet, and there are already plans in place for the future of travel to include space travel. Travel destinations have become all the more exciting. But the world we live in has…
buy online

How not to pay extra when booking flights online

The easy access to booking flights at the click of a mouse without leaving the comforts of your own home, and not having to waste precious time standing in queues has simplified the way in which we make travel arrangements. This convenience…
group travel insurance

Group travel insurance benefits

Travelling abroad in a group offer holidaymakers many advantages, the most valuable of all is the purchasing power of a large group of people travelling together. The buying power of a group of holidaymakers means savings in money when booking…
travel costs

Tips for keeping travel costs down

For South Africans travel, especially international travel, has earned the notorious reputation of being too heavy on the purse or wallet and out of reach of many. The rewards of travel, though, are too good to miss and finding ways to keep…
business travel insurance

Travel Insurance for Business

It is not only holiday and leisure travel that involves elements of risk. Business travel insurance solutions with many sought after benefits have been created to help minimize the risks and costs associated with business travel. As you would…
senior citizen travel insurance

Senior citizen travel insurance

Senior citizen travellers can take ample comfort in the tailor made protective travel insurance cover whilst on holiday abroad. Whether you are making a special visit to see family, or having chosen to travel later in life to a long awaited…