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schengen travel insurance

Schengen visa insurance

For South African passport holders wanting to visit or those travelling on business, or tourists wanting to include certain countries in Europe (that are part of the Schengen agreement whilst travelling abroad) are required to first obtain a…
travel insurance glossary

Travel Insurance Glossary

Here are the meanings of some of the words and phrases used on this website and the insurer's terms and conditions. This glossary is here as a general guideline designed to help you with terms that you might not be familiar with. i)  ACCIDENT…
Natural Disasters while travelling

How to best prepare for a natural disaster whilst you are on holiday abroad

You make travel plans months ahead. You arrive at your destination and smack bang in the middle of a memorable holiday, an earthquake hits. Hurricanes and torrential floods are not an unnatural occurrence in Asia or tornadoes in the Midwest…

A reminder why you need travel insurance

The holidays are quickly approaching so its a good time to remind you to buy travel insurance if travelling FROM or TO South Africa.
product summary

Product Summary – A Guide to the Products we offer

A comprehensive guide to the travel insurance products we offer.
Student travel insurance

Travel insurance: why it is important for today’s traveller

The unpredictable nature of life has made it necessary for travel insurance to be one of the most essential items included when travelling for business or pleasure.
Hijacking insurance

Travel insurance: what to do in the event of a hijacking

Travel companies take into account that while nobody wishes to experience a hijacking situation, and seeing that these unfortunate occurrences do happen, have incorporated hijacking claims as part of the products they offer.
Emergency Medical assistance

Travel insurance: emergency assistance cover when you need it most

Read the story of Patrick and Jane who took out travel insurance and we glad they did when things went wrong on their recent trip to Egypt.

Are your expensive valuable items covered by your travel insurance

It is often a sad reality that travel insurance contracts get relegated to the deepest recesses of our bags. It is an equally sad reality, and almost always to their dismay, that the average person does not pay much attention to travel insurance beyond that of medical cover.
Missed connection

Travel Insurance: missed flight saviour

Travelling requires great financial expense and taking out travel insurance minimizes the financial risks considerably. Peace of mind can be had in unplanned eventualities of accidents, medical emergencies, lost baggage, terrorism, missed flights, cancelled tours and emergency evacuations.