A reminder why you need travel insurance

The holidays are quickly approaching so its a good time to remind you to buy travel  insurance if travelling FROM or TO South Africa.

Nowadays travel insurance is a necessity – just look the things happening in the world that could impact your trip – crazy weather, strikes, airline delays; travel agents going out of business, illness etc.

Here are some reasons to buy travel insurance:

Problems that Can Come Up Why You Need Travel Insurance
A general strike in France causes significant disruptions, including the cancellation or delay of your flight You need money and help in making new travel arrangements
Your children get Measles the day before you’re scheduled to depart on your family holiday You need to get back the non-refundable money that you put into your trip
You’re injured while on a safari, adequate medical treatment is not available. You need help arranging a medical evacuation and help with the related expenses
You break your leg snowboarding in Austria. You need help locating an English-speaking doctor
While in Venice your wallet and passport get stolen You need emergency money and help replacing your passport and credit cards
Heavy rain forces an evacuation of the beach hotel, where you’re staying You need to get back the money for the unused portion of your trip, and you need help making travel arrangements
Your luggage is lost, and your prescription medication is inside it You need help locating your luggage and help getting your prescription filled quickly
You arrive in Paris, but your luggage does not You need help locating your luggage, money for necessities while you wait for it to be found and replacement money, if it can’t be found