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political unrest
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Hot Spots Around the World – Where you might expect trouble

Today’s modern traveller has access to almost any spot on the planet, and there are already plans in place for the future of travel to include space travel. Travel destinations have become all the more exciting. But the world we live in has…
buy online

How not to pay extra when booking flights online

The easy access to booking flights at the click of a mouse without leaving the comforts of your own home, and not having to waste precious time standing in queues has simplified the way in which we make travel arrangements. This convenience…
travel insurance mistake

The one travel insurance mistake you should never make

The golden rule to a stress-free happy holiday is to ensure that you buy travel insurance early. The worst mistake a traveller can make is to relegate sorting out travel insurance to just before departure. There are a number of travel emergencies…
travel costs

Tips for keeping travel costs down

For South Africans travel, especially international travel, has earned the notorious reputation of being too heavy on the purse or wallet and out of reach of many. The rewards of travel, though, are too good to miss and finding ways to keep…
Camel riding travel insurance

5 Activities you didn’t think travel insurance would not cover

Extreme holiday activities and holiday adventures abroad are on the rise. Not just content with soaking up the sights and sounds of the chosen destination, holidaymakers want more out of their trips abroad. But the risks taken should only extend…
Airlines goes bust
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What to do if you airline goes bust

Frequent travellers are all too aware that by booking and paying for flights does not necessarily guarantee you will be flying out as scheduled to your intended destination. Travel supplier insolvency has become such a likely occurrence…
travel insurance glossary

Travel Insurance Glossary

Here are the meanings of some of the words and phrases used on this website and the insurer's terms and conditions. This glossary is here as a general guideline designed to help you with terms that you might not be familiar with. i)  ACCIDENT…
Natural Disasters while travelling

How to best prepare for a natural disaster whilst you are on holiday abroad

You make travel plans months ahead. You arrive at your destination and smack bang in the middle of a memorable holiday, an earthquake hits. Hurricanes and torrential floods are not an unnatural occurrence in Asia or tornadoes in the Midwest…

A reminder why you need travel insurance

The holidays are quickly approaching so its a good time to remind you to buy travel insurance if travelling FROM or TO South Africa.
Student travel insurance

Travel insurance: why it is important for today’s traveller

The unpredictable nature of life has made it necessary for travel insurance to be one of the most essential items included when travelling for business or pleasure.